McCain Purposely Destroying Presidential Campaign

If anyone had predicted John McCain would select some nobody governor from Alaska to be his Vice President, much less a WOMAN, is lieing to you.

McCain is an idiot. I’m a Democrat so obviously my opinions are going to be bias, but seriously, WHO THE HELL IS SARAH PALIN?!?! I did some research and found out she’s the Governor of Alaska, a former mayor of some small-town city in Alaska, and is against ABORTION.

I talked with my mother earlier today and here is what she had to say:

McCain is intentionally destroying is presidential campaign because he is finally realizing he isn’t in the physical, nor mental condition to run this country…Mr. Johnny Boy is 72 frickin’ years old and he expects to spend 4 years in office? I don’t think so…

Whether or not McCain is trying to destroy his campaign for President, I do believe he made a giant mistake. I want to know which of his advisors told him having a woman as your running mate will bid well with female voters – because I’m almost positive if she’s anti-abortion – McCain isn’t getting any votes.


~ by Josh on August 30, 2008.

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