McCain Purposely Destroying Presidential Campaign

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If anyone had predicted John McCain would select some nobody governor from Alaska to be his Vice President, much less a WOMAN, is lieing to you.

McCain is an idiot. I’m a Democrat so obviously my opinions are going to be bias, but seriously, WHO THE HELL IS SARAH PALIN?!?! I did some research and found out she’s the Governor of Alaska, a former mayor of some small-town city in Alaska, and is against ABORTION.

I talked with my mother earlier today and here is what she had to say:

McCain is intentionally destroying is presidential campaign because he is finally realizing he isn’t in the physical, nor mental condition to run this country…Mr. Johnny Boy is 72 frickin’ years old and he expects to spend 4 years in office? I don’t think so…

Whether or not McCain is trying to destroy his campaign for President, I do believe he made a giant mistake. I want to know which of his advisors told him having a woman as your running mate will bid well with female voters – because I’m almost positive if she’s anti-abortion – McCain isn’t getting any votes.


Happy Birthday, Josh

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Happy Birthday Josh!

Thank You, Josh!

Oh, btw, I’m 17!

Phelps: The Best, Ever.

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8 Gold Medals, 7 World Records, 6 Different Teamates, 5 individual races, 4 years in the making, 3 grueling relays, 2 billion viewers(tv, internet, live), 1 Michael Phelps.

When you hear the name, Michael Phelps – what is the first thing to come to mind? Greatest Olympian Ever? That’s exactly what he is, the Greatest Olympian Ever. Carl Lewis who? Lewis only got 11 Medals over a total of 4 Olympic Games(’84, ’88, ’92, ’96) — Phelps’ 8 Gold Medals were won in a single Olympics.

The biggest problem I do have though, is with China. At 11:10pm EST, people all across the United States erupted, while over in Beijing – anybody outside of the Water Cube was obliterous to Phelps’ winning of his 8th Gold Medal. As Phelps splashed into history late Sunday morning in Beijing, life at the center of the Olympics was oddly mundane. High atop a massive video board on a skyscraper, at 11:10 a.m., Phelps was nowhere to be found. The board played China’s gold-medal triumphs over and over.

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Phelps smiling after his 100m Butterfuly Gold-Medal Performance

Phelps smiling after his 100m Butterfuly Gold-Medal Performance (Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

I said half way through the opening ceremony to a co-worker of mine, “This is China showing off to the world…” His responded by saying, “I know. It’s sad.” – Not only was the opening ceremony utterly boring to me, I saw no reason as to why they decided to light off over $50 million dollars worth of fireworks. Absolutely pointless. They could have used that money towards something important, like supporting their citi – oh wait..I forgot, they’re Communist.

I’ll have more about China and their Olympic controversies later in the week. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Dont forget today(Sunday) Nastia Liukin(Gymnast) of the United States is competeing for Gold in the Womens Uneven Bars Final.

Michael Phelps’ Quest

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Michael Phelps leaves rivals trailing in his wake on his way to smashing his own 200 IM world record and placing him within two gold medals of breaking Mark Spitzs record of seven at a single Games.

Michael Phelps leaves rivals trailing in his wake on his way to smashing his own 200 IM world record and placing him within two gold medals of breaking Mark Spitz's record of seven at a single Games.

Michael Phelps is looking to become the most decorated Olympian in history, vying for eight gold medals in a single Games. Phelps made it 6-for-6 at the Beijing Games with another world-record triumph Friday, his bid to take down Mark Spitz and the grandest of Olympic records looking less suspenseful by the day.

Race Breakdown:

  • Race No. 1 — 400-meter IM: Phelps kept pace with teammate Ryan Lochte and László Cseh in his weakest discipline, the breaststroke, before putting the hammer down in the freestyle to win his first gold of the Games.
  • Race No. 2 — 4×100 free relay: Phelps almost saw his run end, but Jason Lezak came back in the final leg to help the U.S. men edge France to win gold in one of the most memorable relay races in Olympic history.
  • Race No. 3 — 200 freestyle: Phelps easily won his third gold of the Games and ninth of his career in one of his strongest events. He also broke his own world record (1:42.96).
  • Race No. 4 — 200 butterfly: It wasn’t even close, folks. Phelps controlled the race from the beginning to win, breaking his own world record and becoming the most decorated gold medalist in Olympic history.
  • Race No. 5 — 4×200 free relay: Phelps chose to swim the first leg of the relay and immediately set the tone. By the time Peter Vanderkaay swam the anchor leg, the Americans held a five-body-length lead.
  • Race No. 6 — 200 individual medley: Phelps dominated right from the start of the 200-meter IM and powered away to win in 1:54.23 seconds, another world record. Less than an hour later, Phelps won his 100 butterfly qualifier.

Race No. 7 — 100m butterfly & Race No. 8 — 4x100m medley relay will be Saturday and Sunday morning Beijing time; Friday and Saturday night in the US.

Updates as they are available.